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7 March 2013
TEROC helps church with energy efficiency
Energy costs are usually a big expense for churches, while the indoor climate is important. Tunadalskyrkan in Köping earlier also had problems with the electricity consumption sometimes being so high that fuses could trip at inappropriate times. TEROC has helped to solve the problem there by installing a system for visualization of electricity consumption, reviewing the electrical system and reduceing electricity consumption, mainly through the exchange of light bulbs to LED. After one year of operation of the visualization, one can now conclude that the measures are working well.

The church is planning to proceed with more energy efficiency measures and is considering installing solar panels, which TEROC's system is already prepared for. The flexible and open system makes it easy to in the future integrate remote monitoring, scheduled heat control and measurement of temperature and humidity, to name a few examples.

The image above shows an example of the visualization of electricity consumption. Unlike some similar systems, TEROC's system can measure both electricity consumption and potential electricity generation from e.g. photovoltaics or small-scale wind power. In addition, currents are measured per phase, which is of importance to avoid unnecessary fuse tripping. Would a fuse still trip or a power failure occur, a NiMH battery ensures that you can still see what happened.

For more information on Tunadalskyrkan, see www.tunadalskyrkan.se
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