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13 May 2015
Control system to avoid shadow problems
Wind turbines can cause shadows, which can be disturbing, for example at nearby buildings. When the blades rotate, a stroboscopic effect can arise inside windows affected by this. Large wind turbines, which have sophisticated control systems, can have opportunities to stop automatically at the times when this can be a problem. Small wind turbines are usually simpler built and has until now lacked such opportunities.

TEROC has recently developed a control system for this purpose, used by InnoVentum for a small wind turbine installed at the Blekinge Institute of Technology. Stop conditions can be easily configured and functionality can be monitored remotely.

28 June 2019
Assignment for CECEP Wind-power Corporation
24 April 2019
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31 December 2017
Mälardalen University
2 December 2017
New type of foundation for wind turbines
10 August 2017
Interaction with Ferroamp equipment
15 March 2017
ÅF acquires TEROC Engineering AB
11 January 2017
Lighting on DC
31 December 2016
Wind measurements in Indonesia
21 September 2016
TEROC focuses on FOSS
13 May 2016
Sida report about wind power
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