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Wind & Hybrid
Wind Energy and Hybrid Systems

Vindmätningar vid TångböleflätetWe have a solid experience of wind energy and hybrid power systems, where we work with consulting, project development and product development.

The photo on the right is from one of the wind measurements we have made. We can among other things offer complete solutions for wind measurements, including our web portal and analysis. Also in other areas, such as wind turbine design, we have a deep technical knowledge. Our staff has worked with wind turbines with a rated power from 100 W to 3 MW.

In hybrid systems, we combine different generating technologies, such as wind turbines and diesel gensets to form a wind-diesel system. These systems are used on remote locations without grid connection and on places where the grid is not reliable. In TEROC we probably have Sweden's largest experience of successful hybrid systems. Based on this, we have developed a unique modular system, called TEROC Independent Power (TIP), which can be used for a wide variety of applications because it comprises generation, storage and distribution of electricity. Often we first carry out a prestudy and then offer a complete solution, install the system, provide training, remote supervision and maintenance support.

TIP can be used for systems with wind energy, solar PV, small-scale hydro power, diesel gensets, batteries, fuel cells, water pumping/desalination, load control and automatic meter reading.

The foremost advantages of our hybrid systems are lower environmental impact, better economy, security of supply and opportunities for greater public benefit.

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