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Free Open-Source Software (FOSS) download

The following software, which is licensed under GNU General Public License (version 3 or later), can be freely downloaded by anyone. To unpack compressed files, see 7-zip.org. You are welcome to contact TEROC if you have feedback, would like to buy the suitable hardware preloaded with software or need consulting services etc. Often a later version is available for our clients.

House Unplugged
Control and monitoring software for a self-sufficient house, equipped with Ferroamp power electronics, DALI lighting control, EnOcean sensors, Emoncms and much more.
Download House Unplugged version 1.1, 2019-07-06

HG1x series – Hybrid Genset controller type 1x
Used with a Wago PLC to control a genset in a hybrid system, Can interface TBS e-xpert 501 or Pro/Pro-hv battery monitor and genset for example with Bernini Be-One controller. With HG12, the new controller 750-862 is used and additional functionality is available.
Download HG11 version 1.3 (for 750-819), 2020-09-10
Download HG12 version 2.0.1 (for 750-862), 2021-01

HG2x series – Hybrid Genset controller type 2x
Used with a Wago PLC for redundant control of a second genset in a hybrid system.
Download HG21 version 1.1 (for 750-819), 2020-09-10

i.LON SmartServer FPMs
Freely Programmable Modules (FPMs) for i.LON SmartServer FT/PL. LC1 is an application for load control and SC1 is a driver for communicating with Studer Xtender. We have also developed a FPM for SMA Windy Boy.
Download LC1 version 0.6, 2020-11-25
Download SC1 version 1.3, 2019-10-29

IDFC – the i.LON Data File Converter
For automatic conversion of csv files from i.LON 100 / SmartServer / Fast Data Log Transfer to the TOA5 format, which can be read e.g. by VDV. The included executable will run on almost all Windows versions and can also be compiled for other platforms using Lazarus.
Download IDFC version 1.7, 2017-03-16

TBM – Thor Battery Monitor
Software written mainly in Python 3 for monitoring of battery bank, by using Yoctopuce USB devices.
Download TBM version 1.00, 2018-12-08

Tedalo – converts data from Keller GSM-2/ARC-1
GSM-2/ARC-1 loggers send data by e-mail. Tedalo automatically fetches the e-mail and converts data to a more useful format (TOA5).
Download Tedalo version 1.9.0, 2020-11

TL – TEROC's Load testing system
Prototype system e.g. for pull test of rock anchors. To use the downloadable program you need LabView and measurement hardware, which is described in the enclosed instructions in Swedish.
Download TL version 1.4

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