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7 September 2012
TEROC conducts training and installs system in Bolivia
Ennfase S.R.L. has become a distributor of TEROC Independent Power (TIP) in Bolivia and has undergone TEROC's training. A first TIP system has also been installed on the Altiplano, about 4000 meters above sea level. A large part of Bolivia is sparsely populated and lacks electricity. TIP provides the ability to easily, quickly and safely create independent electricity supply without grid.
9 June 2014
Power to the Philippines
14 May 2014
Nomination to Skåne's wind power award
7 April 2014
Energy system in Somalia
16 December 2013
New measurement system in Brazil
26 September 2013
Register for webinar
19 June 2013
Design of wind turbine foundation
18 June 2013
Project develpment of small-scale CHP
7 March 2013
TEROC helps church with energy efficiency
23 October 2012
LonMark Ambassador
22 October 2012
Films about small wind turbines
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