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18 June 2013
Project develpment of small-scale CHP
Using small-scale CHP (combined heat and power, also called cogeneration) to generate own electricity from e.g. wood pellets is an exciting technology that is now being realized. The advantage is not only that it can generate electricity on-site from renewable and domestically produced fuel, but also that the system can provide uninterrupted power supply in case of outages on the national grid, reducing the vulnerability of society. At the same time it also takes advantage of the heat, resulting in a very high overall efficiency. Knivsta Municipality strives to be at the forefront in this area and use the new technology. Kommunfastigheter i Knivsta AB has decided to hire TEROC to assist with project development of a pilot plant, which provides 5 kW of electricity and 15 kW of heat from a stirling engine. During power outages, the facility is able to keep the priority consumers of electricity running, especially the heating system, so that the building in question doesn't get chilled when it's cold outside. The plant is designed so that it also can also operate together with other on-site generation, so that a hybrid system can be created.
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