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16 December 2013
New measurement system in Brazil
TEROC has, in collaboration with KTH in Stockholm and the Brazilian organization IDEAAS, implemented a project called Cooperation-building and feasibility study for increased use of small-scale renewable electricity generation in Brazil. The project has been supported by Vinnova and has also involved several other operators in Brazil. As part of this project, a measurement system from TEROC has been installed at IDEAAS "Center for Learning on Renewable Energy and Decentralized Generation" in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Readings are collected and presented by TEROC's web-based system TWEB. The data are publicly available at this link (only works here and may in some cases blocked by firewall). There you can click on "IDEAAS CFL" and then "Weather" to see the data from the weather station.

Update 2015-11-11: The data is no longer available at the link above, since measurements has ceased. Contact us if you are interested in getting access to stored data.

Mounting of the weather station, located at 8 m above the ground (at the top of the tube).
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